Find out what makes them tick

They have got class. They communicate class. Well comported. They are organized. They look altogether and like they know what they are doing. Right from their packaging to their delivery you can tell they are in a class of their own.

Good Business sense
They have a business approach to their careers and music things. They are really into music business, they don’t just sing. Like we say in Nigeria, “they mean business”. Some of them even work with professionals regarding different aspects of their careers that require more seriousness and attention.

They do their best to earn a good name and still strive to keep this good name of theirs. This separates them from the pack and makes organizations want to do business with them.

Integrity could mean: showing up (on time) for your shows, show up sane and looking approachable, be a total brand ambassador (not like you are an ambassador to Guinness stout and yet drinking legend extra stout in public)

They are a package
A total/complete package they are. I mean they are a clique. They are usually booked together due to this factor. They have built an image and a perception in the minds of the general public that says ‘this is us’. Organizations would prefer to book a clique that consist of like 5 artists inclusive of 2stars than book 5 different individual artists. It saves them stress and unnecessary extra cash. And this is a plus to the clique’s management or record label because they get gigs regularly and their not so talented artistes get to tag along, getting exposure and hype alongside the ones the music loving public really want.
There’s structure and organization
There’s seriousness. The corporate world can relate with them. They are an entertainment company the corporate world can identify with because they look altogether. It’s like this: a business structure doing business with a business structure. Makes sense huh?
More importantly, they are entertainers

They don’t take the entertainment out. That is what they are about-entertainment. Their creativity and music is the core of their business. They don’t forget that that’s why they are. This is because all the structure and organization without good music or music that the music moving public wants means -no business. Why would an organization want to do business with them? Corporate organizations that get artists to endorse their service or product have their own interest at heart and they approach artists whose music is mostly loved by their consumers, artists who have a huge influence on their consumers.

Thriving music cliques are not made up of super humans. They are music practitioners like you and me. They just add an extra to what they do.

Do study the market. Study the top music cliques and find out more of what makes them tick. Take note of this and blend it with your own uniqueness…

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