The tussle between celebrities and information mediums (Newspapers & Magazines, Television and the Internet), for observers and fans is an interesting and never ending one.

Unfounded or frequently true stories, “inappropriate” or scandalous pictures and videos seemingly appear from nowhere and go viral, especially on the internet (due to its cheap and easily accessible nature) without the faintest knowledge or permission from the personality in question. He/she can go to bed without any worry in the world and suddenly wake up to realize he has an accusation of an illicit sexual activity to clear up or discover there’s a video of himself smoking marijuana raking in thousands of view and downloads online and the likes.

It is often embarrassing if the reported incident is true but scandalous or is not of the kind of behavior expected of the individual, but it is understandably frustrating when the information is completely false and unfounded.

Some celebs deny as much as they can but often, even this has a counter-productive effect as some people would ask “why is he trying so hard if he has nothing to prove?”  Others keep quiet and just watch the whole episode unfold without any direct comment or make ambiguous statements if they are questioned.

Whatever their reactions, information about them, both true and false, keep circulating because people just cannot get enough of them.

The nature of their job necessitates this. People play songs from their favorite singers and watch movies featuring their favorite actors and actresses frequently, they hang posters of their favorite celebrities on walls, use their pictures as wallpapers on computers and phones, talk and argue passionately for and against them, and most times just stop short of worshipping them. So why should they be blamed for wanting to know a little about the private life of their favourite celebs?

Why wouldn’t a fan of Santi want to know the cruise behind the gibberish things he says in songs, or a Tems fan want to know who was the last person she dated? I contend that it is only natural.

Celebrities too however do not make things easy for themselves. They want to display their cars, houses, and luxury spending. Plus let’s not forget the largely make believe part where they make their life seem like they party 7 days a week, and 365 days in a year.

Who wouldn’t be interested in following the life of such a person who seems to have no worries, pops Hennessy every hour, sleeps with anyone he fancies, lives in the finest houses and rides the finest cars closely?

Like I said earlier it comes with the job. Rumormongers and gossips circulating often false news make their livelihood based on their understanding of basic human nature- The know that people have an earnest desire to know more about people and things that we have a vested interest in.

How then should a celebrity cope with this? Some of them embrace the controversial life and thrive on it. Some people may contend that this is notoriety i.e. been famous for the wrong reasons but it is still fame anyway and anyone in showbiz knows that fame is the main thing. Others try to stay away from the public’s eye as much as they can to avoid unwarranted associations or “gists” while others simply try to balance the two.

Yet, some others (these are the smartest ones, I believe) control the situation themselves by actually staging and releasing carefully timed and primed information (which may be partially true or out rightly false) to achieve desired ends like making themselves more famous, promoting a song/album, or just to get people to talk about them if they feel the public is forgetting them.

To answer the title question, I believe every celebrity, even though they are way too much in the public’s eye, has the right to a private life but should realize that rumourmonging will not cease. In fact, the rumours will increase proportionally as the popularity of the celeb increases. As such, living with it and in fact thriving under it is the best bet.

Why not “leak” some “hot” news to achieve a bit of fame? After all 70% of showbiz is about make belief, isn’t it?

I would however round up by encouraging people to try and verify “news” about celebs before spreading them. False news ends at the ears of a wise person.

Thanks for your time; your comments will be appreciated.

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