The arrest of Nigerian-Dubai based big boy Hushpuppi has created some heat on social media as two tribes have clashed with each other over his arrest.

Social media has been on fire for several hours after the people of Igbo and Yuroba clash over Hushpuppi’s arrest. According to a Twitter user identified as Nrs Bayem Victor, he has disagreed with an Yuroba man who claimed Igbos are fraudsters. Nrs Bayem retweeted and captioned the post “It well just allegations for Hushpuppi but the fact that we tend to drag Igbos is clear”.

The write up read “It was so easy for Nigerian social media community to say that Invictus Obi was Igbo and the whole analogy around Igbos and fraud money “Ego mute” everywhere. Fast forward to last night i don’t hear anyone saying hushpuppi is Yuroba, they now remember he is Nigeria.”

This clash between these two people have attracted several reactions from other tribes. See some reaction below…..

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