Toke Makinwa took to Twitter to share some of the difficulties she’s facing in letting a man into her life.

The media personality said she’s been single for so long that she’s now used to her space and to being selfish with herself. As a result, she likes the idea of a relationship more than actually being in one.

She also said that she likes to date but it’s a lot of work and she looks for reasons to cancel when she’s asked out.

She wrote: “Been single so long that I like the idea of a relationship more than actually being in one, I am selfish with myself, I love my space, I like to move as I want, I love waking up sprawled out on my bed alone, the concept of “sacrificing” all these to “accommodate anyone scares me.”

She added: “I know I like to “date” but when I’m actually asked out on a date I think of a million reasons to cancel,the thought of putting in effort turns me off, in my head it’s rosy, in real life…. It is a lot of work and I can’t be bothered, who else can relate?

“Chatting is cute in the beginning, at some point I get tired and lose interest, can someone date for me, like can I hire an assistant to go on all these dates, share my CV, see if we are fit for each other and close the deal, i just want to fast forward the process.

“I think I know what the problem is, I have been in a relationship with myself for so long, dating myself and loving on me, I have become selfish, I’ll need to first break up with me but I like me, me works, me comes first, I don’t know how to undate myself. Whelp.”

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