Ever experienced a day that exceeded twenty four hours?

Well, once upon a time, when face masks and hand sanitizers were much more important than what you are reading right now, there lived a young man in the magnificent land of boredom whose life never remained the same after series of lockdown and three whole months of isolation.

The situation, however, really wasn’t new to him. He was both an introverted extrovert and a non-academic student, so the social distancing, the shutting down of schools had nothing on him! Nothing was new to him apart from the wearing of masks and washing of hands (P.S: at this point of the story, his hands are the fairest part of his body).

He was popularly known to express himself through music (to be honest with you, I had to convince him to leave this in writing). One day he thought of ways to describe the current state of the world and after several researches, thorough soul searching and deep analysis i.e. listening to music and reading of memes; and experiments, like sleeping and doing absolutely nothing, he concluded that this is the Longest Saturday Ever! – for there’s no school, no church and everyone is home (which is breakthrough I must say), so he called two of his lazy friends over and shared the incredible idea with them…

On behalf of lazy readers and writers association, we are cutting this story short, please, don’t ask us for more!

Check out the tracks below for better understanding of what you just read and also insight on what the young man and his two friends came up with, thank you.

“Nazywrite- Longest Saturday Ever EP Featuring Giovanni and Dele”- All tracks engineered by Noble Icon.


For the purpose of clarity and good understanding, check out the links of lyrics to the audio tracks below:

LYRICS: Longest

LYRICS: Saturday


LYRICS: Interlude

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MUSIC: Nazywrite- Longest Saturday Ever EP

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