Miss Seyitan Babatayo has opened up in a press statement about the ordeal she has been through since she found her voice to speak about her rape story.

Seyitan had corroborated the story of Ese Benjamin who called D’banj a hypocrite and rapist.

Since then D’banj had declared himself innocent and asked that all social media trial be stopped.

In a length letter, Seyitan narrated the timeline of events since she accused D’banj of raping her.

She confirmed that she was illegally arrested by police officers and kept in custody for two days. She also revealed that D’banj and his team had at various levels threatened her to keep her silent.

In the press statement, she told her supporters that she had filed a formal complaint at the police for rape and also asked that justice be given by the judiciary.

Read through her press release below!

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