One of the fascinating things about the Nigerian music industry is how artists are able to bloom in a very short space of time, same way one could be easily forgotten when consistency and hard-work is lost.

Over the past few years, the Nigerian music industry has unearthed what we at shitoto like to call “Bubbling Under” acts, who have in little time, grown to become household names in the Nigerian music space.

Though many still feel like there’s been recycling of the same A-list artists and their somewhat generic sounds, a new wave of very promising singers and rappers have sprung up in recent times which beams a ray of hope for music lovers and the industry in its entirety.

We have come to appreciate other genres of music, especially the fast pace at which the alternative sound is catching up. The new school generation of Alte acts like Odunsi, Santi, Lady Donli, Tay Iwar among others, have remained consistent and unrelenting, which has resonated into widespread appreciation of their unconventional sound/style.

My focus, however, is on the new rave of the moment, Maruf Adeniyi, popularly known as Mr Murph.

The Murphious boss has reached every milestone you can think of in the Northern music industry with a strong listening fan base. He has established himself as a major record label boss, set foundation of successes for other music artistes and can as well boast of a whole lot of other achievements.

The musical sensation has grown to become a highly sort after act with very impressive, bangers to his credit.

He finally caught the attention of music lovers and critics alike with his Jesse Jagz EP Feature, “R feat. Mr Murph” which became an instant banger upon its release. The infectious tune spark up a lot of conversation and speculations on whether it was actually the Jos Mr Murph, Jesse Jagz featured on his EP.

So what next for Mr Murph?

If you say, Mr Murph is primarily concerned about keeping his Jos audience satisfied with his music then you’re not far from the truth. It almost feels he doesn’t want to try something out of the street, making music that would top chart.

Frankly, Mr Murph hasn’t changed anything about him that would show his interest in topping charts globally.

The question now is, should we expect a project from Mr. Murph this year?

If you agree with us or have a contrary opinion, please drop a comment below…

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