Music is many things to different people. To some, music is inspirational, refreshing, educative, while to the larger crowd, it’s all about partying.

While some musicians gain massive follower-ship and cash in on their trade, some others are yet to ‘blow’ even with the fantastic music they churn out.

Jaguda decided to ask its readers who they felt was the most underrated artiste in the industry. According to our statistics, 80 percent of the crowd said ‘Brymo”.

Other names that popped up on our survey were that of Skales, Dremo, Ladipoe, Sean Tizzle, Black Magic and a few others.


Undeniably, Brymo is one of the most confident Nigerian musicians you will come across. On several occasions, the singer has blown his trumpet and also defended why he did so.

He once bragged that his album is the best out of Africa.

Recently, during a Twitter squabble with fans, the singer had time to respond to those who felt he had a lot of ego that needed some talking down.

He implied he was the best there is and would never pay for an international award. The reason why he is yet to receive any, he revealed.

“I’m their daddy though !…. and if you are judging all these by awards, local or foreign, I’ll have you know that I refused to play, or even pay cash in some instances is why I’m not decorated.. so you ppl should shut it!!..,” the Yellow crooner once twitted.

In a recent tweet, Brymo revealed top countries that streamed his recent project, Yellow. He listed the U.S, Ghana, UK, Canada and obviously Nigeria, where his fan base is large.

In July, 2016, Brymo lamented his career had ended. Responding to a twitter user who suggested he was twitting recklessly, the singers response shocked his fans.

“My career ended in 2013, arindin!!!!,” Brymo said.


Brymo is definitely a hard worker having delivered over seven (7) body of work.

Brymstone, his debut album, was released in 2007. His sophomore release The Son of a Kapenta was served in 2012, with Ara, Good Morning and, Go Hard, topping charts at the time of the albums release.

In 2013, Brymo released Merchants, Dealers & SlavesDown and Eko, tracks off the album made headlines.

Brymo released his fourth studio album Tabula Rasa in October 2014; its lead single “Fe Mi” was described as a “soft traditional ballad”. On 8 December 2015, Brymo released an eight-track compilation album titled Trance.

He signed an international distribution deal with Tate Music Group in 2015.

He later released Klitoris, a controversial album title which kept fans on social media talking, in 2016. The album boasted of eleven tracks and was preceded by the lead single “Happy Memories”.

He later explained his choice of album title saying it was a Greek word that meant “key”.

In March 2018, Brymo released his critically acclaimed sixth studio album Oṣó. Six months later, he released the self-referential fictional novel Oriri’s Plight.

His recent album, Yellow, was released on April 1st, 2020. The album has so far, received rave reviews since its release. As usual, Brymo says his album is the best so far.

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