Nigerians are currently having a thing or two to say about the catastrophic exit of Milli from Chocolate City in 2016. The promising rappper had an exclusive interview with music journo Joey Akan.

Milli went deep into his history with M.I Abaga, according to him their parts crossed as far back as 2013 but he got to work closely with him in 2014.

The former Chocolate City rapper explained he was an integral part of the team that helped work on M.I’s ‘Chairman’ album. He wrote some songs, made adlibs and everything in between to ensure the album was done and dusted read for release.

However, things moved downhill after the ‘Chairman’ album was released and M.I Abaga did not keep to his own end of the contract he signed.

Nigerians have once again shared their thoughts on the unfortunate turn of events in Milli’s career. He held lots of promises but they never came to limelight. Some other referenced the infamous beef between M.I Abaga and Vector where he mentioned how the Mr Incredible wasted ‘1 Milli’.

Milli’s full interview with Joey can be read here.

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