I’ve always wondered what girls think about when guys approach them for the first time. I know this doesn’t happen a lot anymore, thanks to Facebook and Instagram for ruining our social skills.

In my head, girls see it is like: “oh that’s a fine guy, ohh he’s looking at me, I pray he comes over. How blind can this guy be? Can’t he see all the signs I’m giving him?”

Or perhaps like this: “See this one looking at me! I look like your type? Unku don’t come near me oh I have attitude for your type and you won’t like it.”

The most confusing are those who have been waiting for you to come, and when you do manage to figure out the signs, they come and be answering you in mono syllables”yes, no, uhun, tired, g2g, ”

Do girls ever think “that’s a hunky he man, I want to straddle him and take him to the pearly gates.” Help me out please, need answers.

Anyways, now thanks to Facebook, you just say something or put an emoji or something, the girl goes through your profile to satisfy herself that you’re the kind of person she wants to be associated with, then the constant communication relationship begins.

I want to say you get disappointed when you meet because of poor social communication skills, but that’s pointing the obvious.

I want to say back in the days when men were men, girls were still lovely, and convincing a girl to like you had more to do with your real personality, not your internet persona, but I can’t say that in good faith knowing I didnt do it.

I am of the internet generation, liking all your pictures and posts is akin to an open declaration of love. Fighting your troll battles as the defender of thy honour.

We click on the “love” emoji and pray you notice our handle. We crushed and were crushed when we see your pre wedding pictures. I’ll be like “who gave you permission to marry that old dude”.
Oh God I’m one of them!!

I want to tell you that I’ve grown up a bit. I have physical conversation with beautiful girls I meet for the first time. In the famous advice stolen from a book I can’t remember the title, ” you’ll probably never see them again, if you want to see them tell them”.

Never pass up the opportunity to tell a person how beautiful you think they are. Never miss a chance to show them they’re beautiful.
This life is one, the simpler acts remain with us.

Dear girls, we won’t think less of you for chasing us and telling us you think we are fine. Just don’t do it with one of those who have ego problems, they’ll think they’ve arrived.

Finally, the internet is a great place to meet, but test your social skills sometime. A lot of people can not talk in public anymore. Tragic!

Gone are the days of oratory when public debates were the stuff legends were made from. Now we have directors who faint in an inquisition, and men asked to refrain from speaking.

One of the last great arts of public speaking is dying a slow death.

In the words of one of the greatest orators in recent time, ” Of all the talents bestowed upon men, none is so precious as the gift of oratory. He who enjoys it wields a power more durable than that of a great king. He is an independent force in the world. ”
Winston Churchill

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I talked with a girl in real life!

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