I think we have an unspoken culture that attacks and celebrates the female sex in one breath. It’s like we are at one and the same time the tormented souls in hell and the devils doing the tormenting.

It’s hard to reconcile really, but it’s never easy.
Some days ago, I was at a friends birthday prayer. After libations were offered and people started to dance in the way of showing gratitude to the gods for life, I saw a pretty looking girl enter.

It’s not often that everyone avoids one of the finest looking girls in the room.

She was the lady in red, curves like kwanan machiji as dangerous as they were, shiny red lipsticks that appealed to my inner being, clutching her IPhone like a modern day youth, and smiling into it like credit alert had just hit it.

Look, either the guys were scared of her, but I know I wasn’t. As I plotted my moves, one of my newly made acquaintance told me to cancel my plans.

‘Ehn? Why?”
Him -” that girl na ashswo, die the matter. You see that muscle way de outside? Nah she drive am come. Nah one old man give am.

In my mind, “so you don’t want me to chop old people’s money too or what?”

Sha, if to say I de hear word, I for done go yankee since. But as local man no get sense like that, and something must kill a man, I decided to talk to her myself.

In between the conversation with David unknown to him, I was already using my eyes to talk to her. She was now smiling more at me than at her phone.

I’m sure she pretended to pick a call cause as she walked out bouncing on her heels, and showing off the curves in full glory, she brushed my hands as she walked past. If this is how girls signal boys, then hallelujah I saw the red sign guys

I want to say I strode out in a manly manner, but that’ll be a lie. I chased her out like a goat and found her smiling at her phone again.

“If it’s credit alert, I also want to smile like that. Should I send my Aza?” I said with a mischievous smile hanging down my bearded face.

“Oya now” she responded sweetly while facing me in all her glory. “Why were you looking at me like that? You want me to fall down abi?” She accused me dangerously.

“Did you fall?” I retorted with a smack of innocent pleasure. “As we kept each other company through the night, much to the envy of the ones who branded her ashawo; and the allure of the whiskey she was drinking was freeing her tongue, she told me things I now hold in trust.

I found her to be an extremely brilliant person. She told me of businesses she engaged in, and contacts she made. She voiced concerns of why men want sex in order to aid a woman, and why they brand them “ashawo” when they refuse to succumb or when they decide to engage in it.

It wasn’t my first time hearing the word, and its not the first time I’m appalled at it.

Humor me, what do you call a person who pays money for sex?

As Gloria Alfred asked, why is it immoral to be paid for an act that is perfectly legal if done for free?

You might want to research further on the flesh industry around the world. It’s crazy how much goes into it. From words and thoughts, to cash and favours.

The wider dynamics of ashawo-ing is stuff for immense imagination.

I have a theory that a womans shame gives the society a macabre pleasure. Take for example, if a woman is caught say stealing, she’s stripped naked. A man will get beaten. What has theft and stripping naked have in common?

A woman envious of another woman will insult her for being promiscuous. A man envious of another man will call him a thief or something along that line.

I find it odd that women are often the first to disparage another womans chastity. But we all know where it hurts the most, and we all fight for that which we hold dear.

Our entertainment industry have also contributed to it, but that can of worms is not part of my thoughts today.

Finally in the words of Karl Kraus, corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.

Let me share a secret, the phrase “good evening Plateau” was used to refer to the ashawo trade in west of mines in Plateau State when it was the part of town visitors to Plateau by train first encountered. When miners still trooped into Plateau, and shared a drink West of the mines.

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