Aphrodite guide us.

A lot of times we see really beautiful people, one of those God in his graces took the time to  sculpture, and after he was done, he looked fondly on his creation and exclaimed “this is good”.

He in His wisdom didn’t stop there. He had to cry in form of rain when he was sending them. Those beautiful May to September babies. God’s perfect gift really, wrapped in swaddling glory.

A lot of us really have nice manners, okay conversational skills, average intelligence when we are playing and borderline special when we are serious.

But you see, we can’t always have it all. I think God’s task for us on earth is to first conquer our hubris, then impact the world. Sadly, a lot of us fail at conquering our hubris, and as such are forced to bear the consequences. Singleness!

Humor me this, how many times have a drop dead gorgeous girl tell you she was single? I won’t want to feel myself and assume they say that because they like me. No sir, I’ve heard them say it to boys carved like one of them rejected stones that may be cornerstone later in life.

Or in the alternative, how many times have you met extra fine men who are single for no just cause? If you want to claim you don’t know any, I’ll unfriend and block you for not taking my cries to heart.

After several hours of silent meditation, I came up with nothing. Absolutely nothing.

There’s however consensus that as a result of a surplus of attention, a lot of beautiful people forget what they want in a partner, keep basking in the euphoria of being wanted and when time slips from their hands, they decide to settle.

In my case, the simple answer is, I get bored quickly. Let’s say I have low attention span. And like our patron Coco Channel, we have a thing for liking all the finer things of life.

I think they also don’t want the things I’m offering. They want commitment and candor and all the other things I seem to be really short off.

Look, men rarely acknowledge they’re fine. They’d prefer to be rich than fine. Fine is always an added advantage but it would’ve been if they knew it was.

It’s akin to having a superpower you never discover until you go to heaven and God will be like “I hope you figured out how to turn on the extra turbo I gave you?”

I also don’t like forming. I know you’re fine, but it’s not like I’m ugly either. I also have an added advantage of sounding like an ajebo.

There’s a crazy stereotype about fine people being dense. To be fair, some fine people are dumber than deadwood floating in the Dead Sea.

Perhaps the way i see my own beauty is in the brains, and I’ve met really smart and beautiful people. I’m not even trying to be gender correct, or religiously correct in assuming that all God’s creations are fine.

I agree all people are fine, but some are finer than others. The metric society uses to conclude this is however beyond me, but my baser instincts is in agreeing with society on this one.

The curse of self is also one that sticks closely to us. Being self aware is one thing, selfishness to the point of annoyance is another thing entirely, and it has become a severe bane in our pursuit for love.

Love and selfishness. I should write on this when I conquer my self and find love. For now I’ll be fine and single.

Personally, I find the demerits of selfishness more relatable than the merits of love. It’s a personal thought.

When it comes to singleness, there’s no tradition on how to go about it. There’s just bullying and pressure. No solid plan, just sheer dumb luck.

Question why shouldn’t you enjoy your singleness in peace? Why must we Express our happiness in the language of others?

Finally, because we are fine and single doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us. There’s probably something wrong with those lying about it though. Their third legs must be moving a lot.

“Kamela” means “most perfect” in Arabic.

Thank you for listening to my rant. If this makes sense to you, kindly tell me what you learnt from it.

I wrote this as one of those things really. It just came out, and I’m going to say “fuck it” to strengthen my resolve not to delete it when I post it.

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Fine and single.

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