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Alewa House, furthering its dedication to be a top creative content developer in Africa, is pleased to announce its new content distribution partnership with PRTV, 24Naija and Trinalee TV.

With its robust portfolio of dynamic enterprise performance, Alewa House aims to develop collaborative partnerships with stakeholders in the Creative industry to promote arts and culture through new media.

Beginning from the early roots of African entertainment, and the method of transferring culture through diverse forms of expression which include music, spoken words, storytelling and other means of expression, art has been a recurrent theme of Africanism since time immemorial. It’s no secret the rapid pace of change impacts different industries in different ways. With this new partnership, stakeholders will have more options to access quality entertaining content from Nigeria, leveraging Alewa House’s progressive technology and our partners growing fanbase.

Alewa House has a deep knowledge and expertise in content development and marketing, which should prove to be extremely valuable for Africa’s current and future consumers of entertainment content. This partnership aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and can help provide our mutual consumers with greater insight to make more informed decisions across the creative industry.

About Alewa House

Alewa House is a creative hub imagined to build on the Africa’s architecture of narrative building, talent realization, image branding, nurturing and tourism in an altè manner. To learn more about Alewa House, please visit

About PRTV

Plateau Radio and Television Corporation is a broadcast outfit managed by the Plateau State Government. 

About 24Naija

24 Naija is a news and media Agency. For more info about the Agency please visit

About Trinalee TV

Trinalee TV is a YouTube platform that promote art, entertainment and lifestyle from Northern Nigeria. Follow the TV on Instagram and YouTube @TrinaleeTV

The hub adopts a multi-stakeholder approach to arts promotions, management and talent nurturing because we believe that everyone has a role to play in the narration building process. 

We consider everyone interested in developing the creative industry in Africa a potential partner and therefore welcome every level of collaboration and partnership.

Retnan Daser

President, Alewa House

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