Haye Frama is a multi-talented Nigerian entertainer popularly known by his stage name Haye. The rapper and singer started the month of August on a maximum frequency with an amazing video he aptly dubbed Yaji Rant- Chapter 1(Rape and it’s violators)’.

On ‘Yaji Rant’ Haye is taking his activism a notch higher sprinkled with profound truths many of his colleagues and millions of Nigerians know but rarely admit in the open.

The overall theme of Yaji Rant is socio-conscious, cutting across politics, religion, education, interpersonal relationships, patriotism etc. He’s pointing out many crucial issues that have managed to keep Nigeria on its knees.

Making a conscious song and publicly calling out faulty institutions as done in this video requires lots of guts and we are happy this is coming from Haye.

The message in the video was delivered without ambiguity. It simplicity gives it high replay value.

Check out the video and tell us what you think:

Click Here: Haye- Yaji Rant

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