Wait first, before you cut my neck, let me explain. One thing that annoys me is how people say you can’t be a Christian and be a feminist, I say foul. I say lie.

I don’t know what your definition of feminism is, but it basically means letting women be whoever they choose to be. Treating them like humans first, before wives or mothers.

There was no man in the bible that stood up for women like Jesus did. In fact, whenever I question my faith and belief, one of the things I remember is that Christianity is about being like Jesus, and Jesus was pro women.

Jesus allowed Martha stay in the kitchen. He didn’t tell her; “see you, wasting away in the kitchen”. He let her be. Because las las, food is important. Imagine say person dey preach word of God, no food to chop.

He also let Mary be. He didn’t say “you, who will marry someone that cannot cook” imagine say two of them dey kitchen, who go hear word of God.

He was the one who rebuked Judas in public, on the account of a woman. Imagine oh! Rebuking a man in public because of woman.

He was the same person who went to meet that woman that was changing men like wrapper. And she became the first person that he told “I am the Messiah” as in Jesus first told “ashawo” that he was the Messiah.

In all these, notice that he didn’t say
Women should not cook
He didn’t say women should not serve their husbands
He didn’t say women should not cut their husbands nails
He didn’t say women should not sweep house or wash clothes
He didn’t say women should not work or earn money

Jesus knows how to mind his business. He knows that what a woman chooses to accept in her husband’s house is an internal affair, and that if a woman lives with a man who loves her, she will just give herself.

I mean, he experienced it himself.  If it wasn’t because of love, why will a woman pour oil on his feet that is worth a year’s wages?

So he focused on more important things like getting people to realize that women can be whatever they wanted to be, and should be allowed to be.

Therefore, when a woman says she wants to be a full time housewife and take care of her family, let her be. If she says she wants to pursue career, let her be.

That is Jesus’ style; He lets us be. But in his wisdom, he wanted us to see that it’s okay to let women be too.

Basically, that’s what feminism is about: LET EVERY WOMAN be whatever she wants to be.




Jesus Is a Feminist

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