To Ivy,

I wanted to write you a love letter. I know I should have done it from the love in my heart, but I don’t know if its going to turn out silly which I suspect it will, but I thought I’d try anyway.

Few people have seen our dark sides and stayed. Fewer still have had the nerve to encourage and share our bad behaviours.

I know it’s fairly common to speak words on birthdays and death days and love days. Today is not even a love day for you and I, yet I on this ominous day I decide on your request to grace this day with a love letter in my own lesser schemes of events.

I should tell you about the little joy’s you bring me, but we don’t want your head to swell now do we? I should also tell you words that appear heartfelt and full of love, but our situationship is greater than the lies people in entanglement utter to themselves.

I’ve reiterated how special I think you are, but I am certain I’m the kind of boy your mother has warned you to stay away from. I guess we all can’t have it all can we since you have a soft spot for sinners like me.

This should be the line I thank you for encouraging my art, but i guess you’re also a sucker for unserious writing and poor attempts at witty humor.

Thank you as always for sharing the like for me along with me. It means a lot to me to have beautiful friends who think I don’t want to shyft their pynts though we discuss it like a verse from the holy books.

I pray one day you’ll do the right thing in kicking my ass to the curb. I couldn’t even bring myself to writing you a half decent love letter. Sigh!

May this be the day we both remember.
The day I almost wrote a love letter to Ivy because she asked for it.

I however truly wish you happiness. The type that comes from owning several Mercedes, and swanky high heels you’ll probably not wear.
We both know happiness comes from God alone and not from my gender so we’ll skip that one.

Yours ruefully,
B  P. Ndam

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