I have never been a fan of romance, flash fiction and neither have I been perturbed about my favourite disney characters finding and falling in love.

I couldn’t watch erotic scenes without my parents supervision, and I always got a knock on the head for even stumbling on one. My experience of love was founded upon parental guidance and the agape love the good book spoke about.

Love wasn’t my most welcomed metaphor and so, crushing or having butterflies racing in my stomach because of the pretty smile of a lady wasn’t my weakness. My Samson never lost his hair, and I never lost a glance from the course of my life.

But what if I told you that love had a musty scent like an old history book that left a dampened sense of affection in you? Was that poetic or just my feeble attempt? Let me tell you a story. It’s not my story alone, but it has me, and a semi-love story.

I was growing to be a fine young soul with the innocence of heart and purest of eyes. I was the page boy to all my aunts weddings, and the cute kid my uncles used to talk to pretty girls.

Alas, on my ninth year in the realms of men! I also had my first crush. I don’t like bragging, but I was also gifted as then, I had just a class hurdle to cross before the doors of secondary school were opened to me.

I couldn’t call that, “A beautiful feeling” because I really didn’t know what I was really feeling. It felt like the walls and worlds of opposite universe were crumbling like a pack of cards showing only the wittiness of the Joker.

Her name was Ruth! Having grown in the ways of the faith, I knew I was the Boaz. Her presence was my vineyard free from tares.

Gracious and perfect, her company was delightful. Each day with her in class felt like speech and prize giving day with me receiving the laurels and she winning the prize. If you’ve ever heard Wet Dreams by J Cole, you’d know that my story was wrapped in the first verses of that song.

I know you’d think I was young, but since then beauty had a look, and I have held it’s hands and looked into it’s smile. If I knew what I know now then, I’d have sworn, she was my “ideal woman”.

I might have envisioned the beautiful rainbow like days we’d have when we grow grey, watching the sky smile blushingly at our children’s children dancing in the yard (okay, I think I need to stop watching these movies).

We became friends after her first weeks in my school. God bless the school she transferred from. God bless her parents for choosing to come to the city of Jos. In the words of Ladipoe, “Win Win by force”.

The vibe was something that left my hills higher than Everest, and I relished every bit of it. You might be wondering, what does a 9year old know about these “feelings of affection”?. Bro, I know, and I have grown to know a lot!
I mean, a whole lot!.

Her mercy saved me on the days I “flopped” and, she made me feel good and loved. All these and more were enjoyed by me.

As it is with all good things, they abruptly come to an end. I wish she had broken my heart, or became friends with Musa the boy with the braces and thick glasses. No. It had to be the last of our meeting as her father had summoned her and her siblings back home in the UK. I felt like Job on that day. Things went sweetly sour and all I was left with was a re-echoing goodbye and a kiss on the cheek.

I’d have cursed that day but thank God I didn’t. The blessings of today has me in awe.
I might be wedding soon.
Let’s watch and pray.

By Nuel Degeneral.

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