I got Jealous, and I think I liked that I did.

Sometimes I do things that frighten even me. Who’d have ever thought that I’ll get jealous? Well, I did and I didn’t stop there. I lashed out at everything including myself, and when I was calm? Twas like I’d taken a wrecking ball to Terminus market on a wet August morning and demolished it in one day.

I know for some it’s normal to be jealous, but part of my persona on relationship used to be nonchalance and they devil may die for all I care. As a guy, it’s one of those unwritten things not to show your jealousy even though we are the most jealous creation in God’s green earth. I know some women will argue this one, but believe me, guys jealousy is a storm.

Everything is clearer with a story. This is going to be a story in a story. I love this already.

It was one of those cold November evenings last year. I was fresh in love, I was enjoying the vibe, she was feeling me and we were happy in each other’s hands. We shared this happiness like a flame kept alit by two logs joint together at the tip, burning to make light. It was infernal at its peak! Twas the bonfire of shared emotions for me, and if you knew me then, puppy love was all you’d see.

We were invited to a private party, it truly was private in the old meaning of the word. A couple of guys at the farthest corner of the house, we arrived early so we chose the spot closest to the meat guy and made his acquaintance as it is done over copious amounts of alcohol.

As the party started to become a party, my love was a dancer in spirit and flesh, she was deft at the waist whining affair, she had soft buttocks that made you tingle when she rolls it. And me? I can only make words dance on paper. I can’t dance even if my life depended on it. I can’t even stand erect and allow myself to be rocked. I know I know, I’m hopeless.

Her dance was surreal, it jumped from one sense to another. There was no method to that madness, it was the ultimate combo of everything wild and free. Everyone wanted to dance with her, but this particular guy wanted to take more than a pound of flesh.

He was an okay dancer but not within her league. As he danced with her, I could see their hips gyrating in sync and I was peaking into my phone but watching him whisper to her. As she stopped dancing and made to come back to me, baba now held her hands and dragged her to him.
No now, oh wrong bros!

Before i could realize, I had already crossed halfway into the room in short quick strides in their direction. Now one of my guys had claimed to have seen a glint in my eye, and he didn’t want there to be trouble as he knew me and the other guy. How Jos is small sometimes annoy me. As he held me by the shoulder he muttered “Baba Calm down, she go come back, just de enjoy d Gordons. Abi you no want hear wetin she go come tell you?”
No writer worth his soul will pass up such an opportunity.

As he led me back to my seat with another plate of roasted lamb, he sat down besides somebody’s girlfriend and started talking to her. MenaScum!

Barely had I sat down when bae ran and came back to me laughing hysterically. Pointing directly at him she said “he touched my waist beads and became crazy”. To be fair, those beads drove me crazy too.

As the night progressed and i noticed everyone wanted to dance with her, In my selfish ways I declared, “let’s go home, I’m feeling sleepy”.

A discovery is awesome not because it allowed itself to be found, but because of the knowledge of it being added to the source of known things. Ndam

Paragraph above is utter gibberish! If you read this paragraph and it made sense to you, go to an asylum mate, you need help.

I now know that I have jealousy implanted somewhere in me. I won’t discuss the merits and demerits today. I’m just excited I found something I used to think I didn’t have.
A jealous bone!

Tomorrow I must write a letter to Carl apologising for being too friendly with his girlfriend and dismissing his jealousy as childish. Now I know better what it means to be jealous, and as much as we trust the girl to come back to us, we don’t trust ourselves that much to see it as the nothing that it is.

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