I’ve held the opinion in the closet of my thoughts that “guys are foolish”.
I’ve shared this opinion with a few ladies I was thinking chemistry was building. I was foolish.


So one of my friends shared his infamous escapades, with me, as regarding circumstances he heard the statement above. As I stopped to ponder, I realized from the bottom of my head that I was also foolish.

He claimed to ask “what the fuck where we doing?”
She was like “knacks now”.
That was how somebody’s son was unwittingly used in committing iniquity.
Sister later married another brother and lived happily ever.

In my own case, my foolishness was epic.
I’ve heard stories of people being in relationships without even knowing it.
Since it happened so long ago and I was young and foolish, its high time I confess my foolishness and seek forgiveness.
“Father forgive me for the sins of foolishness”.

On that faithless day, yours truly was playing host to a tall drink of water.
Her skin was sparkling like kerangs spring, the contours formed in all the right places; as she spoke, it was like the soft waters flowing without obstruction to the silence of the night.
She was laughing at all my silly jokes, her head was on my chest and I was tracing the braids on her head like a small child tracing lines for spilled water to follow on the table.

“Ponzing what are your plans on marriage?” At this question, God in his wisdom implanted in all men the ability to thread the waters carefully. I couldn’t lie, her ears were listening to my heart beat. “The devil is a liar!” Unfortunately for me, I was on my phase of “radical honesty”.
As I peered into her resting bitch face, I saw that dangerous glimmer of “answer seriously” you see in every girl’s face when they know the answer and are merely asking for confirmation.

I’m now on defense mode, and I’m like “why you asking now baby”, she was now like “Ndam what are we?” The confusion that struck me was akin to that faced in my neco exams. My face couldn’t bluff this one. I only just started getting kisses some weeks ago, are we supposed to be the league of extraordinary gentlemen?

Her mistake was asking me two tough questions at once. I chose the one I felt was less threatening. “4 years time”. I could see the face drop. I was the kind of material you’d think was white, but I was just China white full of blue stuff.

Some days later, I stopped getting kisses and heard from the gossip vine that she was getting married.
Since I was in my “radical honesty” phase, I confronted her and she showed me her introduction pictures.
I was like “BABE!” She was like “you never told me you loved me”.
I now was like “ban yafe ba”, she was like “guy you were not serious”.

As the wedding came, and passed. I recall fondly her memory, and like all bad people, we look backwards with nostalgia at the ones that we’ve lost.

Culled from my Facebook post of November 13 2019.

📸 @Uberfacts

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"You never told me you loved me."

  1. 😂😂😂.. I’ve started my pilgrimage through the timeline of your stories. I’ve got to take a break tho, not for lack of quality but because I believe in ingesting sweet things slowly, savouring the taste and prolonging the pleasurable delight..

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