Alewa House and JAGO – Jos Art Gallery Online are pleased to announce a partnership to organize an exhibition of paintings, Photographs and yarns curated by Ponchang Kumven, curator of JAGO.

The exhibition ‘Beautiful Chaos: Disruption, Transformation and Creativity’ will be made up of art inspired by the chaos which riddled the year 2020: #EndSARS protest, Global pandemic, ASUU strike and economic recession. This exhibition is an attempt to open minds to the positive side of chaos, as an integral part of change opening us to creativity.

Having just white-knuckled through the most unpredictable year in living memory, it’s important we take sometime to analyze the past. Humanistic research and study teaches us not to forget experience and knowledge of the past, but to reflect upon them and use our collective memory to better address the need of the contemporary society. For example enabling citizens to actively participate in the continuous effort to build and defend democracy.

According to Alewa House President, Retnan Daser:

Art appeals to all ages, cutting across every imaginable barrier through its multifaceted form and functions. This art exhibition focuses on the intrinsic and extrinsic values that make art rivet in virtually every facet of human existence: art for its own sake, the aesthetics, socio-cultural relevance, art promotion and the artists. The stories encompassing all genres of art reveal that art can be explored to propel desirable changes in the society.

Beginning from the early roots of African Music, and the method of transferring culture through diverse forms of expression which includes music, spoken word, storytelling and other means of expression, art has been a recurrent theme of Africanism since time immemorial. My goal with this Art exhibition is to promote Culture of peace, good governance and harmonious coexistence amongs the diverse ethno-religious groups in the state through art and also develop collaborative partnerships with a wide range of NGOs, INGOs and donor agencies working in the field of conflict prevention and peace building.

The exhibition will feature works by: Plangji Challa, Mangai Dawang, Judith Daduut, Holiare Manga, Lazham Gaina, Zayn Yusuf Ali, Beka Nenzar, Nentawe Gokwat, Epaphras ‘Brainz’ Obed, Benedict Pawa, Lawunna Yilwada, Martha Datong, Andy Chantu, Victor Atang, Gyang Daweng, Makut Macham, Raphael Ogbodo, Amanda Jeremih, Victor Idi Peters, Twamsen Danaan, Emmanuel Ishaya & more.

The ‘Beautiful Chaos’ art exhibition will stimulate nostalgia and empathy necessary for progressive social change. To attend the exhibition, kindly register here:

Venue: nHub foundation, Jos, Plateau State

Date: 22nd – 24th January 2021

Ticket: Free


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