Autolady Inspire Foundation is an initiative geared towards inspiring and encouraging women in engineering by training young women into becoming mechanics, give them internship opportunities in renowned mechanic Workshop and subsequently giving them Job Placement.

As part of the need to ensure that girl children from Northern Nigeria go through and complete their education, a Non-governmental organization, Autolady Inspire Foundation on Thursday 14th January Awarded a 10 year old female generator repair specialist, Veirat Joseph scholarship from Primary School to University Level. The foundation also offered to enroll her in its mentorship program.

It was an unconcealed excitement when the founder/chief executive officer, Mrs. Joyce Daser Adams offered the scholarship to Veirat who works at her father’s generator repair workshop.

“Veirat can disassemble and assemble a generator. She can find and solve issues for generators.”- Mr. Joseph, Veirat’s father.

According to Autolady Inspire Foundation Founder Mrs. Joyce Daser Adams;

Our mission is as follows:

  • To continuously increase awareness that engineering is also a career for girls, thereby improving the strength of female engineers.
  • To encourage women to achieve professional excellence as engineers and leaders.
  • To promote the engineering profession as a positive force in enhancing the quality of life.

“The girl-child embodies the nation. She is the person who grows to become a woman; the source of every nations’ continuity and production of leaders. Unfortunately, this woman, the Girl-child is under-educated.

In the North where we are, the situation is worse. Over 1.7 million girl children in the North are out of School. Equal opportunities are not given to the girl-child when compared to the other gender. There are more male enrollment in schools across northern Nigeria than females. As an organization, it is part of our goal to have girls empowered. The scholarship awards is part of our plan to encourage hardworking female pupils in the country.”- Mrs. Joyce Daser Adams

Witnessing the event was Alewa House President and Executive board member of Autolady Inspire Foundation, Retnan Daser, who described the scholarship support as very significant not only to girl-child but also to the society; he further added,

“Youth and women must take charge of their own skills development by gauging the labor market and pursuing training for high-demand skills. This will help them position themselves to increase their earning potential and accelerate their careers

Increasing their participation in the workforce, however, does not begin with them. It requires a multipronged approach by all stakeholders, one that equips youth and women with the right skills to participate in the labor market while rethinking and modernizing the systems on which the labor market depends.

Youth and women can be effective agents of economic growth who help steer their countries towards the global wave of improving lives. We just need to give them the opportunity to do so.”

More photos below:

Photo credit: Bwefa Irmiya

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