Any written story can stand out if creativity is not to be found missing. A story is said to be good when it does not lack the  necessary elements of story writing; we have used this criteria to select our three lucky winners. We do not say that the other stories are bad stories, but they have not met the set standards and are mostly portraying a lot of cliches as well as common storylines.
The winning stories for Alewa House January competition are:
The writer’s use of good English, logical sequencing of ideas and resolution, is to be applauded. His beautiful description is something that we didn’t miss either, we didn’t know what crime she had committed until the divorce was final. That is a great way to put suspense into use, and as thus; he has emerged our overall winner.
This story is born out of a depth of creativity which is something that really does matter in story writing. The writer did not forget to give us a beautiful narration, conflict between the lines, and  a jaw dropping resolution.
The theme of this story is rather heartwarming and out of the norm. The short narration was able to give more depth into the story, we knew nothing about why she had gone to see her tailor until she was disappointed. The writer did not fail to include suspense, which is a basic ingredient for a good story.
“We received quite a number of entries to this contest from so many talented writers. The judges thoroughly enjoyed reading all your stories, and with such an amazing selection, you made their job of choosing just three winners very difficult. You should be proud. We do hope that our next set of winners will put in their absolute best, and do even better. Congratulations!”- Alewa House
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