Press Release From Alewa House 

It’s February! As promised, here’s something to spice your month. The story writing competition is here again, and we seek for good story writers to participate in this edition.

Intrigue us with your fascinating style of story writing, take us out of the norm, give us something that will cause our hearts to race as we read through.

Do not forget to make your story rich in style and elements: from your introduction down to your resolution, we will like you to take us unaware.

In the January edition, we had three winners but this time around, we will award only the best two stories that we find to be intriguing. The first winner will be selected by us, and the second winner will be selected via a voting system that we have put in place. This winner will be determined by the highest number of knuckles given to his/her story.

Note: Your story should not be less than 500 words.

Deadline: 26th February, 2021.

Theme: Beautiful chaos (Give your story a title of your choice.)

All entries should be published on

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