Coffee is a widely drunk beverage in the world with 1 billion cups consumed daily worldwide. It is the second largest traded commodity after crude oil.

In Nigeria alone, one in five people drink coffee. However, many people do not know that coffee grows in Nigeria. In fact the Robusta species can grow in almost every state in the country.
Arabica coffee on the other hand can grow in Cross River state, Plateau state and Taraba state. These states have the weather and topography that is suitable for growing these species of coffee.
On the 6th of February 2021, Oavalze coffee hosted an event in which different individuals were present to taste different blends of coffee and describe how each blend tastes like.  there were nine blends to taste and every percentage gave a different taste as was recorded by the individuals present. It was a fun experience, as the host told the history of coffee in Nigeria, the importance of coffee, and all necessary facts about coffee that was either neglected or not generally known.
At intervals, the guests were asked to play a game of which the winner was given a pack of Oavalze coffee. There was also poetry and yet another game with coffee as the prize.
“Oavalze coffee is one of the indigenous coffee roasters in Nigeria and the first to host a tasting with the Arabica coffee that can be found in Nigeria. And this is stretching from Mambilla Plateau in Taraba To the Highlands of the Plate
au in Jos Nigeria.”
The founder of Oavalze Coffee; Mary-Jane Nkechi Ogbu and her team, thought that bringing coffee enthusiast together for a great tasting experience would help to not just educate people about coffee in Nigeria, but also help coffee lovers to bond and network.
During the coffee tasting event, the guests were given forms to write what each blend of coffee tastes like as there were different blends to be tasted. While blend one was sweet for some persons, it was smoky for others. While it was bitter for some persons, it was chocolatey to some others and it was same different opinions for all the other blends of Oavalze coffee.
The event was fun and successful as everyone had a great time tasting coffee.
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