After proper analysis of all the entries that came in for the February contest, the following stories have been selected as the winning stories based on good diction, suspense, logical sequencing, and conclusion but their stories would even be better if certain elements were put into consideration while writing.

These are the winning stories for the month of February:

1. Love out of Sympathy:

At first, I didn’t fall for the title but reading the story made me smile at the writer’s use of suspense, conflict, pain, dilemma and love. The writer was at peace and not in a rush when writing. The story ends leaving the readers to in a state; wondering what decision the man will take.

Should he chase his wife whom he thought had died and keep the other woman he married as second wife who happens to be pregnant?

Or should he keep both women as wives?


2. Sentenced:

Given a society where a good girl is one who avoids clubbing, sex, and the life considered as wild, the protagonist in this story was the kind of girl to be tagged as good until a certain day she made a decision to show the society that she can also live their kind of life.

She got pregnant and was judged, criticized by the church.

Reason this story interests me; nobody asked what must have happened for once upon a time ‘good girl’ will suddenly find herself doing the things I am certain she once criticized as well but instead, the society was ready to throw stones…


3. Bricks:

A story that begins with our protagonist in a conference maybe, where the speaker was asking what love is …

At that moment our protagonist starts to cry as she recounts what she had gotten as a package of love. A sex void of affection, just bites, blows and selfishness not caring if his partner did cum or how good the experience was for her 😂.

So as the speaker proceeded to conclude that “love is beautiful”
She wipes her tears and smiled thinking maybe she would have had same view if her terrible experiences had not built a brick wall around her heart.


The writers of these stories will be contacted for their prizes and we encourage others who intend to participate in the contest to do much more better than this.

Congratulations to the winners!

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