Gone are the days when uncle’s and aunties where the one’s getting married. Relatives we had little love for, but who in other to curry contributions in cash from our parents, choose our finer siblings to be their little brides and page boys.

Gone are the days when our parents dragged us to attend weddings of their colleagues children, and their friends first borns who looked adulty in the meaning of the word.

Here we are at the days when it’s no longer distant relatives bringing their betrothed to the house on sunday evening for introduction as “u wa in dom” (the one I want), or the aunty that knocked you for seeing her and that uncle hugging by the junction, then the uncle comes and gives you #20 bucks to buy sweet.

Oh no, it’s now our friends getting married. Forget the theatrical title, it was all a part of the intricate design to get you to reach this stage. Word count is slightly at 170, you can stop reading now.

I am lowkey excited for my friends who have decided to do the brave deed. I know you know what you are getting into, and with that knowledge comes responsibility. I am happy to have witnessed your growth and transition, as you take this step, I wish you all good fortunes and I’ll be here to remind you of your oaths.

Even if I don’t say it, you’re going to raise my singleness. Look do what you must, I’m on the chirpy side today; remember my other article “https://shitoto.com/2020/08/30/i-wan-marry-syndrome/” yeah well, just thought to re-share it.

I don’t know what to expect from this age, but I’m optimistic that we’ll all do things we deem worthy of our names. I wish us all good fortunes in the days to come.

In the coming days, I’ll probably not call or send messages or keep in touch as often as I used to. It doesn’t mean I’m cutting you off, it’s a silly rule of mine, but I’ll be here for you when you need me. I’m not going to take ‘marriage takes’ from you after a month of marriage, I’ll still insult you like the old days if you do.

As Marcus Cicero said, “The first bond of society is marriage; the next children, then the family”. I have no reason for adding this quote, but Cicero was brilliant in his age.

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