Alewa House, the foremost creative hub in Nigeria, keeps growing since its inception in the year 2019, and in its growth, is expanding and diversifying into other forms of media. As the stories are increasing on its platform, it is evident that the creative hub is ready to tell them in all forms. 


In the spirit of awarding the storytellers who participate in their monthly writing competitions, Alewa House has picked one exceptional story to make into a movie. As writers and creatives keep telling the Nigerian stories that are endless and numerous, Alewa House is determined to ensure that more people know that there is more to the Nigerian people and how they are perceived.


I agree that art is the mirror of the society, however it also has the power to influence social behavior and introduce a new mindset in the society, this is the area we are very much interested in exploring – The President of Alewa House, Retnan Daser


To make this project a reality, Alewa House is calling on talented actors who are willing to join in this movement to tell and own the uniqueness of Nigerian stories to Africa and the rest of the world. 

Date: Sunday, 28th of March 2021

Venue: nHub

Time: 1:00pm


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