These are the winning stories for the month of March:

1) First Story – Leah.

This story was beautifully written by the writer. The right usage of the punctuation marks can not be overlooked, as it helps a reader to enjoy reading. There is also suspense, good use of the English language, and an interesting dialogue. Though other stories seemed like the writers were nonchalant about how rich their stories were, this writer even with little effort, have written what I will call an actual story.


2) Second Story – Minutes of Memories.

The writer’s use of figures of speech, is quite appealing. This story is considered rich due to the writer’s style, the logical sequencing of ideas and an amazing dialogue. This story commands attention by the style in which it was written, and a suspense that further beautifies the whole story.


While other stories were too straight forward, there was also the problem of poor narration, wrong spellings, improper use of tenses, poor punctuation and also, in an attempt to include suspense, some stories became rather confusing. The writers are advised to not be in a rush when writing for contests as this one. Narration, proper use of the English Language, Punctuation and tenses should be a priority for any story to stand out. We do hope that writers are inspired to do even better, so that we can have a hard time selecting our winners. Congratulations to the stories that won. However, there are writers that did good as well, but we have selected the top two for the month of March. We encourage them to improve in areas that they should, as they await subsequent competitions.

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