Ponzing, you should put in more effort when approaching girls you like. You can’t just ask her out once and stop there, you think that’s what your father did?”

Me and my big head now said “my father is a humble man. I’m not humble, I know I’m also handsome”.

As the conversation between my mother and I raged on, I reflected on the rationale for allowing guys “suffer” before girls agree to your wooing. I’m sorry, but it’s not my portion to suffer, my Jesus has done that bit for me on the cross. If you’re a challenge, I accept the challenge. But you see suffering? Once again, I’m sorry no be me and you go do that one.

Here’s the gist, a lot of girls have somehow gotten the idea that in other not to appear “cheap”, they’ll have to ‘test’ the resilience of everyone that comes to them with stories of love, forever and happy ever after. I agree that it’s essential to test everything coming near you, but how they decided on the test of fire and brimstone is something the lord will have to reveal to us in a vision.

Anyways the conversation was to find out about a girl I liked. She had stopped hearing about the girl, and she decided to probe further. When I tell people I talk to my parents about the girls I like they get surprised. Please normalize having conversations with your parent’s regarding your love life.

She knows that she is beautiful , I also know I’m handsome. That was the impasse. I know I know, as a guy I’m not supposed to know that I’m handsome. Even when i know I’m handsome, i should have silly quirks like be dumb or be muscle ripped only, be unsympathetically broke or worst of all, have a weak dick game so they can call you “the abominable 1 minute man”. Tragic.

Sha, as we were deep in discussion, my dad came in, listened for 2 minutes and concluded that he had a friend who’s daughter will fit me. Oh wow, this escalated way too fast? “Sir! Haba far, NO! Okay maybe I want to see her photo” curiosity will be the death of me. Deep sigh!

The conundrum for me is simple. When a girl knows you care genuinely about her, she tends to take advantage of that knowledge, she may see you as unmanly for showing care in that manner, she may think you’re weak for her. Now these are personal predilections and I’m only searching for answers.

Most importantly, if I tell you I liked you the first time, I’ve not changed my mind since then, the idea of proving that I like you through means and manners decided upon by you  is not something I want to do. Allow me show working my own way. If you don’t like the way I do it, tell me, I’ll either restrategize or decide that your ideals and mine on the concept of love, forever after and others do not agree.

I read somewhere that in matters of love, you cannot use your brain to navigate it. Sorry oh, my heart follows my brain. If you’re wooing me, i prefer words. “I used to like you” is useless knowledge. Tell me now so I know.

Last last, if I tell you i love you, I meant it the first time. All boys are not the same, you decided to hear their measly lies and forgot your test of fire.


"I like to be chased"

  1. 😁😁😁😁.. This is the best piece I’ve read in a while.. So accurate and funny. Presenting information in such a wonderful manner. Loved it.. By the way, that picture your dad showed you, was the girl fine?? U reason her side?? Abi she seff no notice say u handsome too.

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