The internet have been going agog as there is love in the air over a lady and her boyfriend who were displaying the young love that they have for themselves. Women have been known to gush over the little things, and this lady was gushing over the little thing too.

the lady with the twitter handle @jides_daughter twitted

“this man and I were eating cornflakes just now and he goes, ‘don’t move’. so I freeze. then he kisses the corner of my mouth and says “you had milk there” safe to say dearly beloved. I am now a pile of gooey mush”

many tweeps have gone on to express their desire for this kind of love as the popular saying “God when” littered the comment section.

one tweep with the handle daughter of Zion said:

“my father in heaven, I can drink cornflakes, I can allow the milk to stay on my lips, I can freeze, I can also be mushy missy. God I can’t be the man too.


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