Nigerians were very livid yesterday, and they didn’t fail to express their displeasure in very colorful languages.  yesterday was the burial of a young lady who was brutally murdered by a man in a place where she went to seek for job. her friend raised alarm on social media when she received a one second WhatsApp voice note from her friend, and called her to hear screaming.

She then took to social media, to tell people that she suspect foul play and is not sure that her friend was okay. As people began to dig deep, the address and phone number was traced to one Mr Uduak  Frank Akpan. testimonies  have surfaced of his other victims as he was later picked up by the police. It is said that he lures his victims by promising them jobs and then kills them.

he met his Waterloo when his father was picked up by the police and he had to show himself at the police station. as the investigation was going on, books, uniforms and wigs of his other victims were discovered in his slaughter house, including many shallow graves.

Nigerians ensured that they followed the investigation and they began to suspect that something was fishy. David Hundeyin,  an investigative reporter, did a report exposing some top members of the society as part of the murder cartel, and this stirred up more suspicion.

however, yesterday when the victim was buried, the police paraded the suspected murder and granted him an interview. in that interview, he said that although he had offered his victim a job, she also agreed to give him sex in return. however, when he was about to have sex with her, and tried to remove the condom, she hit him and he gave her a harder blow that resulted in her death.

Nigerians said that it was a lie and that the police wants to divert the case from being a murder case to something else. some of them expressing their distaste said

“he is casting aspersions on her sexual “purity” because he knows how Nigeria loves to police women’s purity. he knows it is a low hanging fruit. he knows people will start questioning her. even though she is dead, because he murdered her” @mochievous

“I’m struggling to understand why Uduak Akpan, a confessed serial rapist &murderer is holding a press conference, clad in a customized T shirt &accusing his dead victim of attacking him first? what is the aim of this distasteful press conference? which unfortunate person ordered it?” @ayobamkole

“they knew exactly what they did with that evil interview. that was the police telling us as far as they are concerned, this was not a rape, this was not a murder. they are essentially telling us this was a bad hookup where an immoral girl lost her life to a man in self-defense” @drolufunmilayo


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