A liquor enthusiast has said that life is Lagos is fake, bougie and expensive for no reason at all. she  Said that classy in Lagos is basically spending money on overpriced rubbish food, over priced local designers and wearing garish over used designer items.

she talked about the traffic, how you would walk into a supposedly high class fashion design place with clothes that are so expensive and be expected to try on clothes in a hot place because of the lack of an AC.

she also talked about the restaurants and their overpriced meals that are not what they should be internationally. she suggested that to get the best experiences of food, it is better to order local cuisines.

fashion wise, she said that Lagosians wear the same wig and smell the same way. she said that hotels would charge you $180 per night with a shitty service and a faulty AC. she said Lagos hotels are made to make one feel like they are in a sex dungeon.

“Lagos is filthy” she screamed.  “Lagos is a dustbin” she further emphasized. from the highbrow places to the lower places, she said that it is all smelly and filthy.

for shows, delivery drivers, Uber drivers and a whole lot of other services and lifestyle, she reiterated that Lagos is a ghetto.


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