News developing in Jos, suggests that a lady who was introduced into lesbianism by her aunty when she was eight years old has now turned 26 and is no longer interested in that kind of lifestyle.  it is looking like she may have found love in the opposite gender and is ready to pursue that path.

The twist in the event began when her former partner has refused to let her go. her former partner who has publicly and privately professed that she hates man, has assured her that she will not let her go and is ready to hurt anybody who may want to tear them apart.

Early this morning on Facebook, the duo had a face-off under the post of one Calvin Storm, who was reporting the incident. He posted a screenshot of the conversation he had with the lesbian and it was seen where the lesbian was threatening him and warning him to steer clear off her partner.

The lesbian came under the post by Calvin and said boldly that she will deal with anyone who does not leave her girl. she even went as far as mentioning the said girl under the post and warned that she and her group should stop embarrassing her.

This is a case of two genders fighting over a lady and we will let you know whose love will win at the end. the lady or the man.

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