This is a sequel to That’s your problem

I was put up at the Continental. That was where the ceremony was to take place. Tim’s friends from out of town were also going to be lodged there when they came in. His best man who had just returned from the UK was also lodged but I avoided him. Angela had asked me to tone down the Gothic.

“This is Nigeria abeg. I can’t have my maid of honour looking like the man I’m saying I do to.”

“Is that your fear? That you want to say I do to me instead?”

“But you are not my Man, na? With your chest that is competing with my own?.”

“wanna touch?”

“Go away! I’m serious. Please try and be more ladylike. The wedding is attracting unnecessary attention and our families are being scrutinised like lab rats or Something. It’s insane and I don’t want to give these jobless bloggers lunch money. Abeg for my sake.”

“sure. Anything for you.”

And so I bought dresses, heels and wigs for my stay at the Continental. I attended family luncheons, followed her for fittings and cake tasting and all the unnecessary things intending couples piled on their to-do list before signing their life away. She’d asked and I was willing to play the part.

Tim’s father was a shrewd businessman who made his fortune after the Nigerian Civil war. He had oil wells as well as shares in banks and other places only mentioned in whispers. Tim was raised to take over the empire. He was an honour student at Harvard before heading to the Robert Kennedy College in Zurich. He carried himself well. He was kind and decent, with impeccable fashion sense. He had introduced me to Kunle his best man who everybody agreed was the most eligible bachelor in Nigeria. I didn’t like him nor did I pretend to. That didn’t stop him from trying though. Poor guy.

Before the lockdown was announced, Tim came to the Continental. I’d finished a particularly rewarding massage session with the lady with the softest hands. After she “de knotted” my muscles, she was more than grateful for her outpouring. Nigerian women are always shocked at how much fluids I can draw from them. Change your boyfriends’ dears. This particular one soaked Her massage bench through and through.

He said he dropped by on Angela’s orders and asked if he could come in. I invited him up and replaced my robe for yoga pants and a matching tank top to come off as more girly. His aura was powerful. As soon as he stepped into the room, he filled it up. Not in an intrusive way, but still potent. He sat on the couch and handed me a gift box complete with a dusty blue bow.

“I hope it isn’t another dress”

“Well… Angel says you can’t have too many dresses, so… ”

I shook my head while he smiled. It was indeed another dress and a long wig with deep full waves.

“She knows I’m not wearing this!”

The dress was too glittery, a sharp rose gold sequinned dress with straps at the back. the hair looked full and in Lagos heat? Hell no!

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