My hope is shattering. If you are Nigerian like I am, you would also notice yourself losing hope. Last night I saw a Saudi Arabia post where recruiters are literally interviewing Nigerian doctors in Nigeria.

Once they pass the interview, they are given Visas, to become doctors in Saudi Arabia. Doctors have been on strike and good doctors online have been begging everyone to drink water and pursue healthy lifestyles as there are no doctors in the hospitals.

I saw a tweet that broke my heart. A lady was lamenting that this man she knows just died in her living room, because they could not find any doctor in the hospitals. We will all grief, but the grief that is forced on us, the ones that can be avoided, is senseless.

Last week, there was a series of unrest in Plateau state. people who were going to bury their loved ones who were killed unprovoked, suspected that they were about to be killed for burying their loved ones. As suspicion turned to anger, people were killed and since then, there has been an air of tension on the Plateau.

Yesterday, the 24th of August, the Nigerian Defense Academy was attacked. A major and some officers were killed. People are shocked. That institution is supposed to be the fortress of the country, and for it to be naked like that is making more and more people lose hope.

Today the 25th of August, 30 people were killed in a village while there was curfew on the Plateau. Their dead bodies are now taken to the house of assembly to pay a courtesy visit to the governor and the speaker of the state house. how does a village get attacked in a curfew?

Today, a former Naval officer who was invited to Channels Tv said that the Nigerian government know the sponsors of Bokoharam. Sounding very upset, because all his life he has fought for the federal government, he further said that the sponsors of this terrorist group are now top government officials. He said he was among those who fought to put president Mohammed Buhari in power, and to have his tenure experience the highest form of disunity and insecurity in the country is painful.

Every state in the South Eastern part of Nigeria does a sit at home on Mondays. There is no business activity or gathering that happens on Mondays. That part of the country is succeeding in becoming a government that is not affected by the powers in the centre.

It is obvious that the centre has no power anymore. The government is overwhelmed and clueless. The government has taken us 60 years backwards. the country is spiraling out of country and there is no sign of hope from the presidency. The National Assembly has also been compromised and can neither impeach nor question the president.

The centre is powerless and people are exhausted. The airport is full of young people traveling out of the country.

putting this here, for posterity to remember that the inefficiency of this government was recorded. It is not hard for some people to alter this part of our history. Recording this in real time so that the story is not twisted.

ps: I am tired. I’m in a bad place emotionally and the Nigerian situation is making it worse. I am also tired of saying it is well. it is not well. Also, don’t ask me to pray. tired of praying. again, I cannot even compel anyone to protest. We did, and young people were killed at the Lekki Toll gate. Till today nothing has happened. I don’t have solution, I’m venting. I hope when we want to vote next time, we will think and throw away every form of sentiment.

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