In a nutshell. Hell NO!! Don’t worry I was one of those guys that dreamt, that preyed, that wished it was so. That meeting the right person would dissolve any issues of conflict, fighting or heaven forbid a staleness of passion for each other. But I was slapped in the face by the cold hard truth. That to have a great dating relationship, to have a great long term relationship you are going to need a little more than a so called “ever lasting love” for each other. Because you know what? Passion only ever lasts for so long and really nothing in this life lasts forever. We grow up, we mature, we get old and then we start shrinking. Not the pyramids, nor your “good moods” can last forever.

This is a simple truth of life. So as we are riding the waves of life; good and bad, sad and happy, passionate and bored – the passion in our relationship can also waver. The truth is to have a great relationship – you are going to have to step up to the plate and be great at a lot of different things. You are going to have to be great at communicating, listening and being patient. You are going to have to at times refrain from yelling, refrain from breaking down. You are going to have to learn to sometimes put someone else needs before your own. To smile when you feel down, to give when all you do is feel like taking.

I see so many guys and girls out there waiting. Waiting for the right person to come along. Waiting for the right relationship to appear in front of them. Waiting for the right moment to come past, sweep them off their feet and wash away their worries. Well this isn’t a movie, it is not garri and meat and there is no guaranteed happy ending. Your relationships are what you make of them and there is no single moment that is any better than the other. You can’t put your life on hold even if you tried.

So to answer to my original question, is love enough to make a great relationship? No its not and it never will be. This is reality ……. But if love is only part of what makes a great relationship and you have it, then the good news is that your already half way there ….It means that if you love each other then it means that you will fight to be together, it means that you will do things for this person that you wouldn’t do for anyone else, it means that your heart is open to forgiveness and that for once you put someone’s needs before your own. Love is a truly magical thing and every one who has found it no matter for how long or short that may have been – has been truly blessed with a magical experience that cannot be traded for anything in the world.

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