Men tend to network more over alcohol and raunchy gist. Some days ago, we were gisting with some way older friends and somehow the gist strayed away from what was right and holy to all that had girls from poly in it.
Poly girls are a different breed altogether. If your girl is in a Nigerian polytechnic, forget it, she’s our girl.

I’ve had my fair share of encounters, but today is not for kissing and telling.

Somehow somehow gist led to threesome and orgies and they asked me “have you done those?”, I responded with much resignation “Oh no, I haven’t” and one of the more older bros now said “awon good boy gang abi?” Me? I’m a good boy oh but how can I pass off something that is on my bucket list?? “Noo ohh” I answered hastily “na just lack of opportunity”.

The lesson that was impacted into me remains with me for proprietary reasons but one of the gist is that the devil is in the details. I didn’t know it takes such meticulous efforts to plan debauchery. Here I was in all my naivete thinking “they just happen”. But noo, evil pays attention to details as well.

You see that devils game “truth or dare”? Whoever invented that game should be hanged, drawn and quartered. So it always starts with alcohol, weed (Arizona) preferably and truth or dare.

I’ll be using fictional names for this part just for the fun of it. Any resemblance to anybody living or dead is purely incidental.

As he started narrating, his voice was in that conspiratorial tone and he leaned closer as if sharing with us secrets passed down from angels.

“We been de drink X1 with them Bode since him just enter town from Lag then Joy come call me say she de town with some of her friends and dem want go xplore. I come ask her how many dem dey and she come tell me say na 6 of dem de, and na just 4 of us. I tell her say make dem ready I go come pick dem by 6 and she agree.

As I end de call, Junior come say make we plot the waka for him house. The yeye boy get furnished 3 bedroom for rayfield way him brother give am so we just commot go buy drinks for astoria. I call my plug for kush tell am make him carry loud come, den I call Joy tell her make dem use bolt come because I de busy. She come tell me say na two bolts dem go use I say no wahala”.

Now I was paying money to attention. As I ordered for the next round of drinks, he had taken two long swigs from his glass draining the content and he continued.

“We bring dem come house, Junior go buy suya, we start de drink again for house and dis girls no shy at all. Dem just de dance, de blow weed like say dem get chimney for head.

As 11 do, we use 3 moto, we enter all the clubs for this town that day. Since Bode one form faragi na, him do dorime for dem e burst der head. Bros, small nyash de shake.

When we enter house, one of the girls turn casualty so she de bathroom de volk. Na from parlour matter start ohh, nobody enter room we just de do. Pk hold the first girl raise d mini skirt way she wear just start de do. All dis Kano boys you de see, forget dem. Dem sabi bad thing, as e bend am start de do am from back, w no even reason anything.

Me and Joy been de kiss already she kuku commot my thing sitdown untop am. She spell that coconut for my body.  When I light her for like ten minutes, Evelyn been come start de kiss me and i been de finger her. Before I go say anything these girls start de kiss each other. Omoh! As I hold Evelyn waist, story change. I been always want watch girls kiss, and as dem been de do their thing, I follow start my thing for her body

Junior and Bode been swap, den Pk come hold Joy. Later later dat girl way been de bathroom been come join. See ehn, all of us been touch all the girls. That night mad.
As morning do, Evelyn come start de Kiss one of the other girls, and before we know na fresh matter start again.

See ehn bros, e get some things way as a man you suppose do before you marry. But no do pass yourselves oh, you see dis alomo? If you get threesome to plan, drink am. No join pills oh, na so men de take die on top tosky.”

As I listened with more attention, his wife called him. She wasn’t even raking oh, and after the call he said. “If you find woman way you like, you no go fit do anybody again, na only her go de for you. My madam done call, na house catch me now”.

Abeg if una de plan bad behaviors, help me strike off those two from my lists. Today is friday, we should plot early.

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