They often say that starting a business is not for the weak-minded, and they are probably right. The time you would spend setting up your company is more than if you would be an employee.

It takes guts and time to build anything that would last. Any Organization without a solid foundation will not last. If you are setting up a business to manage or sell, it takes guts. You will also require patience and hours of hard work to create the next big thing that could change the world. 

Patience and hard work are not the only things you need on this journey. You would need tools for marketing, branding, sales, and storytelling. 

There is a popular saying in the business world: a business that does not invest in marketing is like a man winking at a beautiful woman in the dark. He is the only one that knows what he is doing. 

Not investing in marketing or not doing a lot in marketing is like working hard, building great products, and nobody knows anything about them. Marketing is the oxygen of every product. This is why you should know the best tools that you and your team need to get your product out there. 

Bear in mind that video marketing increases sales by 60%, and 80% of marketers insist that they prefer video content to any form of content

1. Vocal Video

Have you ever gotten a review so well written that you wished a customer would say it instead of writing it? Have you ever received a phone call telling you how great your product is, and you wished you had a camera to record that moment? Wish no more. Vocal Video will help you with that

Vocal video is a super easy tool that eliminates the need for a videographer in the brand communication team. It reduces cost and automates the process of collecting video and audio testimonials.

Vocal Video Features

How Does It Work?

No Need To Install: unlike other video-making web apps, neither the user nor the organization needs to install it. A simple link can be given to the user and a voice or video will be created using that link. 

Multi-Language Support: If the customer sends their audio or video in a different language, the language can be selected so that the subtitle is in the preferred spoken language.

Customized Set Up: this allows you to set up company logos, questions, and brand color and offer your customers incentives for responding. 

Compatibility: It is compatible with all devices. Windows, Android, and mac. 

Easily Embedded: videos and links can be easily embedded into your website and emails. 

Easy Editing Tools: you can Trim, and add subtitles, music, and other effects very easily. Audio testimonies can also be represented in a visual format. 

Automated Video Set-Up: transitions, animations, and graphics are set up automatically. There are also auto-generated subtitles from speech to text transitions. 

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Common Use Cases

This product is used by businesses to share testimonies of their products, introduce new features, explain how to use products and services, and also get users to know the people working for them. 

It is also a better way to build social proof and connection with the users and customers. 

How Do I Get Vocal Video?

You can get the Vocal Video ser with these easy steps

  • on any search engine, search for vocal video
  • Go to
  • Click on the “try it free” button. You will be directed to a page to input your name and email address. This trial lasts for 14days and will require no credit card. 
  • start to create a link to collect videos or audios.


Aside from creating videos for marketing purposes, another important form of content that is good for marketing is textual content. It could be copywriting, blog posts, or sending emails to the mailing list. 

A tool that can help you get the right words, phrases, and content to write on your blog post or website is SemRush. 

SEMRUSH Features

How does it work?

Semrush has tools to get your website and blog posts visible on any search engine. 

Advertising Tool Kit: these are the kits that help with advertising. If you search a search engine, you will notice that most of the websites that come up first are the ones that are ad websites. 

Semrush helps you with the proper advertising of your website. It provides you with the most used snippet and keywords by users.

Content Marketing Tool Kit: content is king. SEMrush helps you to analyze your competitors’ content so that you can have a working strategy.

Competitive Research Tool Kit: SEMrush runs analysis on your competitors’ websites too. It helps you to know what they are doing better. If you know what your competitor is doing better than you, you will find other ways to make yourself visible. This will help you to increase revenue by cost per click.

Social media Tool Kit: there is a synergy between SEMrush with almost all social media platforms. When you build an ad with Semrush, it is easier to share on social media platforms. This can increase your reach. The wider the reach the better the visit to your website.

Management Tool Kit: it helps you to manage your website too. It has a lot of tools to help you manage backlinks, keywords, traffic, and other things that your website may need to pop up on the first page and keep you visible. 

Common Use Cases

There is a whole lot that one can do with Semrush. It was mainly designed to help marketers and businesses with the visibility of their website and for efficient marketing too. some of the things you can do with Semrush are:

  • Search for profitable keywords
  • increase your website for ranking
  • increase your visibility trend
  • puts you on the first page of SERP
  • helps you to know when your link is lost

How Do I Get Semrush?

SEMrush currently has a 7-day free trial for users to try before using the software. The 7-day free trial gives you an insight into the things that you will enjoy and gives you a glimpse of what the software is like and all its features before you can subscribe.

SEMrush has three kinds of monthly subscriptions as follows:

  • Pro: $99.95
  • Guru: $199.95
  • Business: $399.95

All the plans listed above are monthly plans. There is also an option to pay annually.

The different plans have limits to activities the user can perform in them. Do let us know if you have tried any of these tools and what you think of them.


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